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Flags Placed to Represent Veteran Suicides

IAVA 1892 flagsAn estimated 22 U.S. Veterans committee suicide each day.  That means about 1,892 veterans have died this year due to suicide.

A 27 March the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) will place a spot light on this problem. Volunteers will place 1,892 flags on the National Mall in to honor these fallen.

We at HealingTheWoundsOfWar.com and the Hope and Restoration Team (HART) are grateful for the IAVA efforts to combat suicide.  Go to StormTheHill.org to learn more.  Let’s put an end to suicide!

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Veteran’s Day includes Allies and Families…

Veteran COURAGEToday, November 11, 2013, Veteran’s Day is celebrated in the United States.  This is with the full knowledge that the cost of freedom has been paid by men and women around the globe standing side-by-side with us.  I have served with military service members from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Estonia, El Salvador and Iraq.  We have had many more allies than those listed here!

The Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion reminded us on Sunday in a Veteran’s Day ceremony that it is not only those of us who serve directly in harm’s way that pay a price and shoulder some of the burden.  The family of service members also pay a great price.

So, thank you!  To all our allies, to all our families and to all of my comrades in arms—past, present and future—who have answer the call to do what most cannot or will not.