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001 Healing the Wounds of War – Post Traumatic Stress: It’s not just in your head.


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A podcast and community of Hope and Restoration for all those dealing the Stress, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress and much more.  Each week we seek to inform, educate and yes, perhaps even entertain as we learn together how to live lives of victory!

 In today’s episode we will…

  • Do some introductions
  • Look at an overview of this podcast series
  • And the dive into the main topic of the day…Post-Traumatic Stress: It’s not just in your head.

Introducing your host: David Fell

  • Army Wounded Warrior; Retired Army Chaplain; Two tours in Iraq;
  • Devastating lung damage: Radically changed my life
  • Beyond the physical injuries…
  • Living with and dealing with my own post-traumatic issues…
  • Helping (as an Army Chaplain) hundreds of Soldiers, before, during and after combat
  • Helping family members (kids, spouse, and parents) between tours.

We will deal with the Physical, Psychological and Spiritual aspects of Stress, Anxiety, Trauma and the Post Trauma recovery process.

I am not a Medical Doctor or a licensed psychologist!

  • We don’t deal with diagnosing or prescribing.
  • We are a community sharing our experiences and understanding.

I am

  • Husband for the last 20 years
  • And a dad
  • A war veteran, chaplain, ordained minister
  • I have a Masters in Divinity and a Bachelor in Biology with several years experiences teaching science.

There is a lot of information out there!

  • Together we will explore this information.
  • As a teacher I seek to…
  • Break down complex idea
  • Consider how things might apply to our lives

Some of the tools:

  • Scientific Journals, Books, Articles, Stories, Music and more…
  • Guests: People sharing their stories & Experts in science, theology, therapy and medicine

brain blue with lightsPost-Traumatic Stress: It’s not just in your head…

It affect your entire body…

We will take an integrated approach – physical (body), psychological (mind) and spiritual (soul).

A brief look at the Physical, Psychological and Spiritual

Join the community: Your voice matters!

Next Episode: RESTORE: 7 practical steps (coming October 24, 2013)

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