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Struggling with Physical, Psychological, Spiritual Pain

BW Soldier Hand on face(In this post I share a bit of my personal struggles in the hope that it will encourage those in need to press on in their journey.  Struggling is a normal part of our human existence. We can grow and overcome obstetrical.  You do not have to do it alone. Peace, David Fell)

I have experienced physical pain and struggles as a result of the war in Iraq.  I have also experience emotional and psychological pain as a result of the same war.  Both are extremely difficult to handle; and keep handling day after day. 

The psychological/emotional has the added difficulty as they deal with the brain and mind—areas that are still taboo for many in our society.  This kind of wound may not be visible to the naked eye.  Nevertheless, they are just as real and just as physical as the physical struggles I experience in my lungs and elsewhere in my body.

Struggles, even pain, has been a part of my spiritual journey.  One aspect (among many) of this struggle is facing the difficult questions of believing in a good God and yet facing such evil, apparent injustice and destruction.  I know some convincing philosophical and theological answers to these questions. At times these intellectual answers prove to be little comfort.  At the same time I have experienced a peace that goes beyond comprehension.

No quick fix:  The doctors tell me that there is no solution for my lung problem—nor any effective treatment at the time.  For some of the other physical problems (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, cataracts, neuropathy…) there are treatments, some unpleasant, tedious and burdensome; but treatment to limit and slow future damage.  Yet it is hard to not be at least a little peeved that all these problems showed up when I was young and having lived a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weigh.

There has been some help for the nightmares, anxiety and other aspect of the psychological struggles (Post-Traumatic Stress).  I say some because there is a long way to go.  I have found many things that were of limited benefit toward recovery and growth. Some of these things that did not help me are helpful to others.  Even those “failed” attempts have been helpful in helping my understanding and ability to assist others on the journey. 

The Hope and Restoration Team (HART) understands struggles, endurance, and pressing forward.  There are unique aspects to each of our struggles.  As such, no one can completely understand what you are facing.  Nevertheless, we do understand struggles that involve the physical, psychological and spiritual.

You can help those in need!  Here are several options: Liking our Facebook page.  Share this blog and podcast! Organize a RESTORE seminar for your company, organization, church, civic group.  Share your story.  We are looking for people willing to share their stories of facing difficult life challenges on different kinds on our Podcast:Healing The Wounds of War: Hope & Restoration for PTSD”.  For any of the above, contact me at david@HealingTheWoundsOFWar.com.

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