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022 – Should we drop the “D” from PTSD?


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Does the “Disorder” word/idea get in the way of service members seeking help?  How do potential employers see service members when they are labeled with a disorder?  Does the stigma of being labeled with a “disorder” really impacted those dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress?

 In today’s episode we will discuss:

  •                David’s health update
  •                Dropping the D from PTSD

 Why the delay since the last show?

The last few weeks, with the heart attack in mind, I have been diligently working on my health.  Listen to learn how diabetes is being defeated!

Change to the to:

  •                Post-Traumatic Stress
  •                Post-Traumatic Stress Injury

Why consider the name change?

  • Unlike other mental health conditions it requires on outside force to create the problem
  • “Disorder” carries a stigma
  • “Disorder” implies life long programs
  • Soldiers, especially young Soldiers, believed reluctant to seek help for a mental “disorder”.
  • Consider Dr. Dave Grossman and his view on PTS/D from his gook “On Combat”.
  • Concern over employers not hieing veterans with a mental health disorder.

Some concerns of why NOT to drop the D:

  • Compensation concerns
  • Insurance coverage concerns

Articles for further exploration of the topic:

 Your thoughts!  What to you think about the possibility of droping the “D” from PTSD?