Stop Double Victimizing: once is already too much

“If it bleeds it leads.”  This is too often true in regards to the press.  Some have the impression, from the media coverage, that most returning combat veterans will suffer from lifelong PTSD.  This is just not true.  

In a very real sense we sometimes double victimize those who have experienced trauma.  The original event and by perpetuating the perspective that recovery from PTSD is unlikely, or even not possible. 

PTSD can be difficult to deal with; but it is treatable!  We should expect recovery from our selves (those dealing with PTSD) and from our loved ones.  Dave Grossman comments on this perception:

“Too few mental health professionals communicate to their patients that 1) they can recover quickly from PTSD and that 2) they will become stronger from the experience.”

Grossman, Dave; Christensen, Loren W.  On Combat: The Psychology and Physiology of Deadly Conflict in War and Peace Kindle Edition.

Question:  Do you think your attitude about PTSD recovery makes a difference?