About the Podcast:

“Healing the Wounds of War: Hope and Restoration for PTSD” is a podcast of the Hope and Restoration Team.  In this podcast series we approach stress, anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress from an integrated physical, psychological and spiritual perspective.  We come together as a community for education, encouragement and mutual support.  We call on experts in science, medicine, psychology and theology to contribute to our growth and help us strengthen each other.  In each weeks podcast we seek to educate, encourage and perhaps, from time-to-time, entertain.

Our host is not a doctor or a licensed therapist.  We do not seek to diagnose or treat conditions.  What we do is come together as a community to learn from and encourage one another.  We may have guests that are licensed professionals. However, always check with your personal medical professional before making any decisions or changes.   Radio or the internet is not the right venue for making medical decisions.

About the Hope and Restoration Team (HART)

HART exists to help restore individuals, relationships and communities following trauma.  We offer seminars, retreats and individual coaching for service members, veteran and their family members.  Learn more at: www.hopeandrestoration.org  or on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HopeAndRestorationTeam

About our Host:

David Fell is an Army Wounded Warrior and a retired Army Chaplain.  During one of his tours to Iraq something devastating happened to his lungs.  He knows from firsthand experience what it is to deal with the physical, psychological and spiritual effects of war and trauma.  As an Army Chaplain he has provided care for Soldiers before, during and after combat.  Between deployments this care would extend to the families of his Soldiers.  Since his medical retirement he has continued to provide care for active duty, veterans and their families through HART (Hope and Restoration Team).

David earned a Bachelor of Science (Biology) and a Master of Divinity.  He is also trained and experienced in crisis intervention; and has completed two units of Clinical Pastoral Education.  He taught science for several years; and enjoys taking complex science topics and applying them to everyday life. He is an ordained minister and pastor of Christ the King Church, Yelm, WA.

Connect with David:

A Personal Note from David:

Greetings and welcome to the community,

Thank you for visiting our site and listening to our podcast.   The Hope and Restoration Team and this podcast is here for everyone—not just those who believe or think like me or other members of the community.  We are here for each other.  We may not always agree; but that is ok.  We can grow and learn from each other—perhaps even more so from our disagreements.

The Physical, Psychological and Spiritual aspects of stress, anxiety and trauma are all important and they work together.  I have experienced the effects of war in all three of these areas in my own life.  I have also been blessed to walk along side hundreds of individuals (service members and families) as they faced challenges in each of these areas.  As a result I know there is hope!  I know that restoration is possible!

If you think that this community can help you on your journey, please let me know.  If you have any questions, please ask.  David@HealingTheWoundsOfWar.com