HTWW Episode 003 – Recognize


In today’s episode we will:

  1.  Give a community update
  2.  Discuss in more detail the Recognize part of the RESTORE process
  3.  Talk about a potentially exciting treatment for the most server PTSD

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 On to our main topic of our show…the Recognize part of the RESTORE process.

  • Recognize and evaluate go hand-in-hand.  Remember, don’t get caught up in this process.  Our point is to get to a place to set a goal and move forward.
  •  We don’t diagnose PTSD or any other conditions.
  •  We can recognize that something is not right with ourselves or another.  It does not even need to rise to the level of something that would be diagnosed for us to reach out for help or to help.
  •  Getting help starts with Recognizing that there is an issue/opportunity
  •  What has changed?  What is different?
  •  May take weeks or sometimes years to have symptoms.
  •  It is normal to be affected by a traumatic experience!
  •  4 identified areas to Recognize…
  •  From VA public page:

 Resource Spotlight:

  • in 2012, 22 US Veterans committed suicide each day!
  • US National Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

VeteransCrisisLine Banner Male2

  • for US Veterans – VA Hotline 1-800-273-8255 press 1
  • Do you know of a number in the country where you live?

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